Bernie Sanders Draws Largest Crowd Yet In Phoenix

Thousands gathered to listen to the presidential contender speak on Saturday.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) continues to barnstorm the country with crowds that top those of every other contender in the race for the White House, Republican or Democrat.

At his latest campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday, the presidential hopeful drew more than 11,000 people, who gathered to hear him speak about income inequality, money in politics, climate change and growing wages.

“Somebody told me Arizona is a conservative state. Somebody told me the people here are giving up on the political process. That’s not what I see here tonight," Sanders said at the Phoenix Convention Center, according to a transcript provided by his spokesman.

Sanders is making good on his promise to campaign in not only early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire, but also in red states where Democrats have not had success in recent presidential elections. He is scheduled to hold rallies in Houston and Dallas on Sunday. According to his campaign, Sanders will also make stops in Louisiana next weekend, and visit Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina in August.

The senator, a self-described Democratic socialist, currently trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination by some 30 points.

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