Bernie Sanders' Personal Plea To Delegates: Don’t Protest On Convention Floor

"That’s what Donald Trump wants," the Vermont senator told supporters.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called on his supporters to take the high road Monday, as the Democratic National Convention kicked off with a rather raucous start.

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential rival asked delegates in an email Monday afternoon to, “as a personal courtesy” to him, not protest or demonstrate on the convention floor.

“Our credibility as a movement will be damaged by booing, turning of backs, walking out or other similar displays,” Sanders wrote. “That’s what the corporate media wants. That’s what Donald Trump wants. But that’s not what will expand the progressive movement of this country.” 

Earlier in the day, Sanders’ supporters booed not only the idea of party unity but also the Vermont senator himself when he urged them to get behind Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In a clear attempt to ease tensions, Sanders sent out an email and text message.

Sanders also addressed his supporters’ frustrations, specifically those that have resulted from the leaked emails showing the Democratic National Committee was working against his campaign. The resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair is a “positive sign,” Sanders wrote in his email.

“The political revolution is not about one election or one candidate. It is about transforming America and continuing the fight for economic, social, racial and environmental justice. We have to continue to work together to advance the progressive future we all support,” Sanders wrote. “We have made great progress in the last year. Let’s continue going forward.”

The Vermont senator is scheduled to speak at the convention Monday evening, along with first lady Michelle Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).



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