A Look At Bernie Sanders' Spoken Word Album And Full Discography

Check out these Bernie DEEP CUTS.

We all know that Bernie Sanders recorded a spoken word album. But not a lot of people know that Bernie has a robust catolog of musical work. So I thought it was important to look at all of Bernie Sanders' albums and see where his spoken word album landed. Also, I'm sure you've been in one of those "What's your favorite Bernie Sanders song?" conversations at a party. Everybody is rattling off hits like "We Shall Overcome" and "The Banks Are Made Of Marble," and you're thinking, "Those are the only two I know!" Don't worry! This should help you out.

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"We Shall Overcome" (1987) 

The album that put him on the musical map. Just great top to bottom. It speaks to his ability, and we get a sense of exactly who he is and what he's about. Very rare for a freshman album.

RATING: 4.5/5


"We Shall Overcome"

 "The Banks Are Made Of Marble"

"Bernie Sanders Live" (1988)

Bernie LIVE at the Forum. This release was a brilliant move by Bernie to simmer expectation after such a hot start. He decided to record a live album with everybody's favorite hits while sprinkling in a few new tracks. Also, some of the best mid-song banter OF ALL TIME! Guy took three to six questions from the audience between every song.

RATING: 4/5 


"The Top 1% Of Our Countries Wealth Governs The Bottom 45%"

"We're Living In An Oligarchy And Here's Why!"

"Bernie" (1989)

Bernie's true sophomore album fulfilled every bit of expectation. Bernie spends every track on this album taking on race relations and shining a light on topics that nobody was talking about at the time. With tunes to make you get up and get down. I mean the hook in "Institutional Racism Is Real And We've Done Little To Stop It" makes you want to jump on your bed and scream, "BERNIE BABY!"



"Institutional Racism Is Real And We've Done Little To Stop It"

"Minorities Shouldn't Have To Work Three Jobs To Make Rent" 

"The Banks Did WHAT?!" (1997)

A change from his usual beat. Bernie's first (and only) comedy album was met with confusion and disdain. Mainly because his audience knew him to be a soulful musician, NOT an angry Lewis Black-style comic. I'm sure you'll find some die-hard fans that say it's his best work, but they just don't want to accept that their hero miffed.

It happens.



"Not ONE Has Been Prosecuted!"

"The Differences Between Bankers And Middle Class Families"

"Self-Titled" (2013)

Magic. A return to form that felt new and alive. If you haven't heard this album, stop what you're doing and download it NOW. Not tomorrow. Not when it's convienent. NOW! 



"The Census Bureau Report On Income And Poverty In The US 1988-2013"

"Citizens United Has Done More To Divide This Country And Stagnate Reform Than Any Other Piece Of Legislation In Our Nation's History. This Is How We Must Address It."


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