Bernie Sanders Draws More Than 20,000 People At Boston Rally

The presidential contender is breaking Obama's records on the trail.

Massachusetts is feeling the Bern.

More than 20,000 of its residents turned out for a Bernie Sanders rally at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on Saturday, no small feat even in a Democratic-leaning state.

The Vermont independent senator who is campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination appears to have broken a record for a primary candidate's audience in the state -- shooting past then-Sen. Barack Obama's rally of 10,000 people eight years ago, according to the Boston Globe.

Sanders' campaign has been swimming in good news lately. Earlier this week, it announced a third-quarter fundraising total of $26 million -- right on the heels of Sanders' rival Hillary Clinton and her $28 million haul.

The senator has also exceeded another Obama marker by becoming the first candidate to reach 1 million online donations nearly five months earlier than the president did.

Sanders still trails Clinton in national polling, although he has closed the gap:

Bernie Sanders On The Campaign Trail

Bernie Sanders On The Campaign Trail

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