Bernie Sanders Just Picked Up A Major Celebrity Endorsement

Yet another actor is feeling the bern.

Whether you're a millennial or a baby boomer, Dick Van Dyke has some strong ideas about who you should vote for in the upcoming election. 

In a passionate guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, the actor, 90, outlined why he supports democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders.  

"We as a society urgently need to stop worrying so much about big banks and big businesses and start worrying more about people," Van Dyke wrote. 

Among Sanders proposed programs are universal healthcare and tuition-free higher education, so it may not come as a surprise that millennials are some of his biggest supporters

But Van Dyke argues that it's because they're more open-minded.

"Older people often get frightened by labels," Van Dyke said, speaking directly to his own age demographic of older voters. Sanders has been dubbed a socialist and often calls for a "revolution." But Van Dyke says the Vermont senator is actually very much in touch with reality.

And that's why he wants you to vote for him, young or old. 

By supporting Sanders, Van Dyke joins the ranks of countless other celebrity supporters of the presidential hopeful, including Danny DeVito, Mark Ruffalo, Spike Lee and Susan Sarandon. Van Dyke notes he also helped campaign for the candidate in Nevada. 

Van Dyke's piece comes on the eve of the California primaries on June 7. And if Hillary Clinton beats Sanders for the nomination, she'll still have a supporter in Van Dyke. 

"Because the alternative is a nightmare," Van Dyke wrote. "The last thing that scared me as much as Trump was the Cuban Missile Crisis — if he's elected, I think we'll be at war almost instantly."

'Nuff said. 



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