Bernie Sanders Just Tweeted The Most Evergreen Response To CBO Score

And Twitter is feeling the Bern.

Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted out just three words on Wednesday afternoon and Twitter thoroughly appreciated its timelessness.

The tweet came after the /"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">Congressional Budget Office said that 23 million fewer Americans would have insurance under the /"}}" data-beacon-parsed="true">American Health Care Act, legislation that House Republicans passed last month.

Sanders isn’t saying “what a disgrace” to be flippant ― the AHCA will severely impact millions of people. Particularly elderly and low-income enrollees, who will experience an 800 percent jump in their premiums.

But Twitter is Twitter, and users noted that, yes, it IS a disgrace. And that phrase pretty much applies to everything right now. It’s an evergreen statement, if you will.

Of course, there were other jokes about the tweet, too:
But, disgrace or not, health care right now... is a mess. And that’s not funny at all.


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