Bernie Sanders -- The Naysayers Have Been Silenced, The Revolution Has Begun

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., addresses the crowd at a campaign rally at Grand View Universit
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., addresses the crowd at a campaign rally at Grand View University in Des Monies, Iowa, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

In his speech at the end of the Iowa Caucuses, made as the vote count showed a virtual tie between him and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders finished with this: "What the people of Iowa have started today is a political revolution." At this, the crowd -- by far the most passionate one of the evening -- erupted. The most poignant part of the speech though, came earlier when Sanders had this to say: "I'm throwing down the challenge to the political establishment" here, pointing his finger at the screen, "and the media establishment." There could have been no better way Sanders could have simultaneously pointed out the media's bias (including lack of coverage) towards him and also suggested they start changing their tune.

Since the moment the Bernie Sanders campaign began there has been no shortage of detractors in mainstream media. Self-appointed political sages have put his "Democratic Socialism" on trial and passed the verdict of "unrealistic" on his economic plan. Some have opined that America will not vote for someone so far to the left of the political spectrum or for a candidate so unwilling to work within the confines of party politics and the status quo. On social media and political blogs many have taken jabs at the slogan of a "political revolution" that Sanders has made the centerpiece of his campaign. No revolution is possible they say, without the support of the two houses of Congress - where they claim Bernie's ideas will find no takers.

Well, it's official-the naysayers have been shushed. What the diehard supporters of Bernie Sanders have felt all along was validated in the town halls and school auditoriums of Iowa tonight. The people of Iowa have demonstrated more wisdom than mainstream media and have rightfully disregarded the armchair animadversions of these critics who are now irrelevant to the 2016 Presidential contest.

Regardless of the final result which may be significantly delayed by inadequate staffing at 90 precincts, what happened in Iowa today is this: the gauntlet has been thrown by the American voter-not at the feet of any of the other candidates in this election- but at the entire status quo of American politics. Even now, outside the growing circle of Bernie supporters most people don't seem to have realized the momentous nature of this campaign that has now affirmatively become a true political movement. This is no ordinary candidate and no ordinary campaign. This is a movement that acknowledges the failure of trickle-down economics. That recognizes the manifest reality that the laissez-faire dream has become the nightmare of robber-baron corporate overlords and their political lackeys.

These are the indignants, the "99 percent" who are tired of being punished for the follies of the 1 percent, tired of their futures being hostage to the whims of an elite who are increasingly disconnected from the woes of the middle and lower classes.

Let us also recall a couple of things here. The first is that Bernie Sanders has run this campaign like a true statesman. Where Hillary's email debacle has been open season for her critics in the media and the Republican party, Sanders has refused to play dirty and has not once attacked her over this issue. Nary a whisper of Ben Ghazi in his speeches or during the Democratic debates.
Second, Sanders has come this far without a single Super PAC or major corporate donor. This is unprecedented. This makes his campaign the only one that is truly grassroots, funded and largely run by the subaltern.

So if you are angered by the level of wealth and income inequality, are horrified by the lack of action on climate change, believe health care is a right and not a privilege and want equal opportunity for all Americans, get behind Bernie Sanders. Join the revolution that will vote in the most progressive President in American history and will mold anew American politics-and America.