Bernie Sanders of Vermont Stands Tallest

It's in the hands of the capricious gatekeepers of history now, this day December 10 of the year 2010. There have been filibusters, but not in the memory of any living American has such a rhyme to the ages and passion to justice been brought to the floor of the United States Senate. Complex and complete and concise because of its scope, the last unselfish Senator delivered unto us what hitherto secrets and deliberately suppressed thought on governing we need in order to be citizens of a self government in this new or any millennium. A task at which the Fourth Estate has miserably failed for decades.

It is part of the Congressional Record now, the tome begun 234 years ago that takes a full floor of any library that deigns to house a single printed copy. Most of the Record is inconsequential push and pull, spoken and recorded for the posterity of whatever ship of fools might exert a temporary grip on power. To these millions of pages the distinguished Mr. Sanders has added a burning bright bookmark for the ages.

It will take the purging and burning of the Congressional Record to deny the world of the inescapable heart and intellect and soul of this hero of egalitarian principle. It may well be that the dark forces of political convenience and money try to extinguish the fires set in a hundred thousand minds by a man from Vermont this day. It may well be that the princes of privilege of some abysmal autocratic future try to purge the phosphoric beacon laid into the epochal tome by America's Senator. But as God has so mercifully given us in the past, the human virtue of indefatigable search for truth will find Our Senator, America's Senator, a legend, in a thousand yards of books.

It's done, on the Record, and may no man attempt to put it asunder from the history of this nation. Today and into what history exists in which people can read the written word or care about history, Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a touchstone of the American history.