Bernie Sanders Sweeps Online Polls After Winning the Last Democratic Debate of 2015

Who won the third Democratic debate? Hundreds of thousands of people voted online, and an overwhelming majority declared Bernie Sanders the top-performer.

Of the 60,000+ people who voted in Time's poll, 84% thought Bernie Sanders won.


In Slate's poll, 86% declared Bernie Sanders the winner.


Even 91% of Fox's conservative viewers thought Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton.


According to the Political People Blog, Bernie Sanders won in a landslide.


In the Wall Street Journal's poll, Bernie took home the gold and 49% of the online vote, while Clinton and O'Malley both failed to break 30 percent.


In the Washington Times poll, Bernie dominated with 86% of all votes.


*The results of these polls are not statistically representative of all eligible primary voters. They were documented on Sunday, December 20 at 5:00 p.m. EST.