Bernie Sanders Takes On Trump, Wall Street and Citizens United in This Epic Animated Rap Video

You couldn't have scripted it any better. On one hand you have Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, and on the other, Donald Trump, a multibillionaire. Where Sanders inspires hope, Trump instills fear. Where Sanders spreads a message of tolerance, Trump benefits from doing exactly the opposite: celebrating xenophobia. Yet the two candidates have managed to find a common sweet spot in the electorate. Both attract voters who are sick and tired of establishment politics. It's their unique approaches to campaigning that contrast starkly, but certainly not their appeal.

While Clinton still leads in many national polls, Sanders gains momentum every day, especially among young voters, and even some Republicans. It's looking increasingly viable that Sanders can win his party's nomination, and with Ben Carson plummeting and Ted Cruz hovering, the same goes for Trump. Fortunately though, we don't have to wait until 2016 to imagine the Presidential matchup of a lifetime. This animated rap video illustrates the great absurdity of a Trump-Sanders showdown.