Bernie Sanders Reads 'Third World America' During Senate Speech (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders Reads From Arianna's 'Third World America' During Marathon Senate Speech

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) invoked Arianna's book Third World America on Friday during a lengthy Senate speech against the Obama tax cut deal.

During the marathon session, the Vermont senator opened up Arianna's latest book. "I am indebted to a very fine book written by an old friend of mine called Arianna Huffington," he said. "And the title of her book -- and I know why she did it -- is called Third World America."

Sanders then elaborated on the book's title:

"The theme of her book is, if we do not get our act together -- in terms of infrastructure, in terms of education, in terms of health care -- that's where we are headed. This great country is headed in the direction of being a third world nation."

He then proceeded to read from the book. Scroll down for video, or click here to watch the latest live.

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