Bernie Sanders Rocks Out With Vampire Weekend Ahead Of Iowa Caucus

The song is actually part of the Democratic presidential hopeful's musical repertoire.

Bernie Sanders went from political to musical while courting the college vote during a Saturday night rally and concert at the University of Iowa. 

The Democratic presidential hopeful joined headliners Vampire Weekend onstage during their rendition of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land."

Sanders may have been slightly off beat, but the tune is actually part of the Vermont senator's repertoire. In 1987, Sanders and 30 folk artists from Vermont recorded the album "We Shall Overcome," which included a version of the song.

Vampire Weekend was among several artists showing support for Sanders in the hours before the all-important Iowa caucus Monday.

Foster The People, folk singer Michelle Lewis and Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson were among the half-dozen artists who turned out to drive support for Sanders. Rapper and scholar Killer Mike, one of Sanders' most dedicated surrogates, was scheduled to appear but did not attend due to a loss in his family

In between performances, Sanders re-upped his message on police brutality, income inequality, criminal justice reform and decriminalization of marijuana. After his mention of marijuana drew a few whoops, Sanders turned serious to talk about harder drugs. 

"There are two ways out with heroin: Number one, you're going to get arrested and go to jail, number two, you're going to die," Sanders said. "Stay away from heroin."

Watch all the performances from the Sanders rally below: 

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