Bernie Sanders Crushes Hillary Clinton In Vermont's Democratic Primary

It was a landslide -- as expected.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won the Democratic primary in Vermont by a large margin Tuesday, notching an expected victory in his home state.

What little polling was done in the Vermont Democratic primary ahead of Super Tuesday predicted that Sanders would win there handily. Neither Sanders nor former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his rival in the Democratic race, devoted significant resources to campaigning in the state.

Sanders previously trounced Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, a victory that was widely attributed to his status as a senator from neighboring Vermont.

While winning the majority of Vermont's 26 Democratic delegates is no doubt a welcome development for Sanders, it's far from enough to make him competitive in his fight against Clinton, who holds a considerable delegate lead. 

Following Sanders' razor-thin loss in the Iowa caucus and his win in New Hampshire, he lost to Clinton in the Nevada caucus and the South Carolina primary by wide margins.

The self-described democratic socialist has had trouble breaking through among African-American voters. Getting the support of black Democrats and other groups with whom Sanders has struggled is crucial in many of the delegate-rich Super Tuesday states.



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