Bernie Sanders Wins Democratic Caucus In Washington State

Tens of thousands of people in the state attended Sanders' rallies.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington state's Democratic caucus on Saturday.

Sanders held several rallies in Washington ahead of the caucus, drawing tens of thousands of supporters.

Clinton appeared in the state as well, speaking with union workers at a rally last weekend, among other stops. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and her daughter, Chelsea, also hit the campaign trail there.

Over the last few months, Washington residents have given more donations to Sanders than to all other 2016 candidates combined, The Seattle Times reported in February:

I’m not talking about total dollars raised. On that score, Clinton is first among Democrats, and, if you include candidate-affiliated super PACs, Jeb Bush is tops among Republicans for total money raised here.

But the total number of donations reflects how many people in our state were inspired enough by a candidate to send any amount of money, sometimes repeatedly. It’s like a measure of people power.

The News Tribune reported that Sanders has raised $2.6 million in the Evergreen State, while Clinton has raised $2 million.

Clinton currently leads in the overall delegate count, but Sanders hasn't showed any signs of slowing down his campaign.



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