First-Rate Wingman Bernie Sanders Helps Staffer Propose To Girlfriend

"Thanks for the assist, Bernie."

Bernie Sanders might have his hands full at the moment (you know, trying to be president and all); but that didn’t stop the Vermont senator from doing his friend a solid.

Sanders recently created a video to help one of his staffers, Hector Sigala, propose to his girlfriend.

The video starts like a typical campaign clip, but soon takes an unexpected turn.

“Oh wait a second. Hey, Rio, Hector has a question for you,” Sanders said, referring to Sigala’s girlfriend, Kimberly Riofrio. “He's a good guy. Why don't you help him out.”

Sigala, the social media director of Sanders’ presidential campaign, told CBS News that he proposed to Riofrio at a park in Pasadena, Maryland on Sunday.

“By the time she realized this was a video made for her, I was on one knee with the engagement ring out,” he said.

The proposal was a success:

Sigala said he was grateful to Sanders for taking time to be his “wingman,” but noted he wasn’t the least bit surprised that the presidential hopeful had made the effort.

“Whenever I see Bernie, one of the first things he asks -- right before asking how our last social media post is doing -- is about how Rio is doing. I was really glad he was willing to film this short video and be part of the proposal despite his very busy campaign schedule,” he told CBS.