Bernie Sanders Won Colorado and Beats Donald Trump by 5 More Points Than Clinton

ESSEX JUNCTION, VT - MARCH 01:  Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks to supporters as his wif
ESSEX JUNCTION, VT - MARCH 01: Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks to supporters as his wife Jane O'Meara Sanders looks on after winning the Vermont primary on Super Tuesday on March 1, 2016 in Essex Junction, Vermont. Thirteen states and one territory are participating in today's Super Tuesday: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming and American Samoa. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

According to Real Clear Politics, Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump by 8 points in an average of various national polls.

According to Real Clear Politics, Hillary Clinton barely defeats Donald Trump, the same man who donated to her Senate campaigns and foundation, by a whopping 3 points.

Remember, Clinton doesn't keep polling leads and 3 points is within the margin of error for many of these polls.

On November 8, 2016, the country will vote based on trustworthiness, which is why both parties have revolted against establishment candidates.

Bernie Sanders doesn't have an ongoing FBI investigation and has positive favorability ratings.

Hillary Clinton does have an ongoing FBI investigation, 67% of all Americans distrust her, and Obama's intelligence official and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Michael Flynn believes Clinton should "drop out" of the race.

Worried yet?

All the scoffing at Sanders being popular among white voters will help immeasurably in a general election, since minorities almost always vote Democrat in a general election, and Trump's only hope to win is white voters in states like Colorado and Oklahoma. In terms of voting demographics, white voters in a general election still matter.

Hillary Clinton repels a great many white voters, primarily independents, because of her Iraq "mistake," neoconservative foreign policy, flip flopping, endless controversy, and nationwide issues regarding trustworthiness.

74% of Independents distrust Hillary Clinton and this matters primarily because 43% of the electorate is comprised of political independents.

Bernie Sanders won Colorado and Oklahoma. White voters, especially white males, won't vote for Clinton. This goes for white males among both Democrats and Republicans. If you don't believe me, just read a Wall Street Journal piece titled Hillary Clinton's White-Voter Problem May Change Election Math.

Clinton is also underperforming among women nationally, as stated in a Daily Beast piece titled Why Are Women Ditching Hillary?

Bernie Sanders won Colorado, in addition to Vermont, Oklahoma, Minnesota and might have won Massachusetts, had it not been for Bill Clinton possibly violating election rules by appearing at a polling station in Massachusetts. writes that "Hillary Clinton's campaign has been 'reminded' not to solicit votes near polling sites after President Bill Clinton ventured into a polling location in Boston on Tuesday, the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office said."

It's interesting to note that according to, "Massachusetts election rules forbid the solicitation of a vote for or against a candidate, party, or position within 150 feet of a polling place." In Orwellian doublespeak the magnitude of which would make even Bill Clinton proud, there's a debate over whether or not President Clinton was actually "campaigning" by appearing at the polling location.

Yes, 67% of Americans distrust Hillary Clinton and 58% of Americans have an unfavorable view of her for a reason.

Name a winning presidential candidate people didn't trust and didn't like.

Colorado is a swing state with 9 electoral votes and went to Bush in 2000. Interestingly, so did Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas; all the states Clinton won on Super Tuesday and all the states Bush won in 2000. The South votes Republican, so it's amusing to see Hillary supporters championing her ability to win the presidency, alongside this reality.

Also, Colorado has more electoral votes than most of the states Clinton won on Tuesday. Combined with Clinton's "virtual tie" in Iowa, swing states don't look good for Clinton in a general election. In addition, CNN wrote last summer that Clinton's honesty and trustworthy problem extends to swing states and two Quinnipiac polls bolster this claim as well.

And yes, billionaire hotel tycoon turned national buffoon will win Nevada, so don't count on a close victory there either.

In light of these facts, there's an amazing phenomenon taking place that I've never witnessed; something counterintuitive and ironic. I've never seen so many self-described liberals and progressives cheering with enthusiasm over the victory of a woman who voted for Iraq, opposed gay marriage up until 2013, accepted money from prison lobbyists and almost every other interest harming core constituencies, and is currently linked to an ongoing FBI investigation.

I highlight Hillary Clinton's prison lobbyist ties in this YouTube segment.

As for pragmatism and getting things done, it's bizarre that 100 FBI agents investigating the close associates, personal server, and email practices of Hillary Clinton equates to a productive White House, as well as the blessings of certain Democrats and media pundits.

Every day, I'm proven right about my thoughts on the "Bernie Bro" myth, as more people attack me on Twitter, ignorant to the irony that they agree with Bernie Sanders on virtually every issue, but prefer the person linked to an email scandal because of pragmatism.

For a fun read about pragmatism and progressives getting things done, check out Hilary Clinton's Coming Legal Crisis from University of Chicago professor Charles Lipson.

Professor Lipson writes "Beside these national-security matters, the emails reveal obvious conflict-of-interest issues pertaining to the significant overlap between Clinton's official duties and her family foundation's operations."

Does this mean Hillary Clinton will be able to work alongside Republicans and get things done, when the FBI and Justice Department, in addition to a salivating GOP, eventually decide that the 31,830 emails she deleted jeopardized national security?

Would this have made sense in the 80's or 90's? Could Barack Obama have won in 2008 with an ongoing FBI investigation?

Some Democrats are running joyously towards a cliff, and very few people have the courage to warn them of the impending disaster. Yes, H. A. Goodman and a few others still remember a day when 67% of Americans distrusting a candidate was a bad thing. Others, however, believe that Hillary Clinton has experience, yet conveniently ignore this experience has resulted in poor decision making and ongoing controversy.

On Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton won states that Donald Trump will win on November 8, 2016. Texas, Alabama, and the entire South vote Republican in presidential elections. As for the GOP and racism, Trump isn't the first Republican to be endorsed by Klan members, or take time repudiating the endorsement. This state of affairs is exemplified by a 1984 Los Angeles Times piece titled Reagan Spurs Klan Support:

When the Klan endorsement was first reported last month, neither the White House nor the President's re- election campaign committee would comment on it.

In his letter to Mr. Abram, the President said: ''While in China, I have been distressed to learn that some individuals back home have questioned whether my views on the Ku Klux Klan have somehow changed since 1980. Nothing could be further from the truth.''

When the KKK goes to the voting booth, they're voting Republican, not Democrat. This dynamic never started with Donald Trump. Remember this history when the "party unity" folks tell you that if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, only she can stop a racist Trump.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton has taken more money from prison lobbyists than Trump, used a racist 3 a. m. ad against Barack Obama, spread a photo of Obama in African dress hoping to raise questions about his birth certificate, and called black youth "super predators." Also, let's not forget Hillary Clinton's "abysmal" racial justice record.

So yes, Clinton is less racist than Trump.

As for my views on Donald Trump, I called him a clown and buffoon on CNN, during my interview with Victor Blackwell on New Day. However, I'm not brainwashed and I remember as far back as... 2008. Hillary Clinton utilized a more covert form of racism against Barack Obama, and I explain her campaign tactics in a Huffington Post piece titled Donald Trump Utilizes Racism, but Hillary Clinton Used Similar Tactics Against Obama in 2008.

You'll hear the coronation talk and inevitability myth from everyone but me and a few others. Remember, though, that Bernie Sanders does better against Donald Trump. Be careful what you wish for, because Donald Trump could be president if Clinton is nominated.

As it stands, Bernie Sanders won big on Tuesday. He'll fight to the end, and the FBI hasn't voted yet. Finally, I explain why Bernie Sanders is poised to become our next president in my recent CNN interview with Victor Blackwell on CNN.