Bernie Gets Burned By Warren And The Networks

Shame on Senator Elizabeth Warren. How could she appear on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show to endorse Hillary Clinton on the same afternoon that Bernie Sanders was holding a HUGE campaign rally at RFK Stadium? As a democrat who has been "feeling the Bern" since Sanders announced his candidacy, I was shocked, dismayed and angered.

Did the Senator's tone deaf announcement signal her acceptance by the plutocratic wing of the democratic party? Was that the price she paid for the VP appointment? How can a Bernie supporter ever trust her again?

From my perspective, Senator Warren's untimely endorsement of Secretary Clinton confirms she is under the thumb of the Clinton machine. Her actions signal that she drank the establishment's Kool Aid and she cares about the hearts and minds of Bernie supporters about like a bulldozer cares about the trees in a forest.

Otherwise, her lapse in judgment was a result of living inside the D.C. bubble too long. Either way, it was untimely and really bad form.

Why the maddened rush Senator? This is no way to heal a party that is split down the middle. This is no way to bring millions of young people into the party.

For God's sake, Bernie is actively campaigning and holding rallies. The Democratic National Convention is not that far away and of course, there's that lingering fact about the delegate count. Secretary Clinton does not have enough pledged delegates to win the nomination "HARD STOP", a fact totally overlooked by CNN, "The Clinton Nomination Network" and NBC, the Nominate Bill Clinton again network.

Does anyone employed by these networks understand the math? Clinton is 179 delegates short of the nomination and the D.C. primary won't even move the needle. That's how it will be until the convention. Look at the delegate totals from "Real Clear Politics". The results are very clear.

The endorsement by Warren was the final straw for me after watching the networks blatantly suppress Sanders' voter turnout by calling the nomination for Secretary Clinton before millions of Americans in six states and D.C had gone to the polls.

In my opinion, the licenses of all the Network's radio and TV stations should be challenged at the FCC.

One must wonder if their actions were orchestrated by the Clinton campaign. It is certainly possible and eventually, the truth will surface. One thing is certain, these news organizations don't have an ounce of Journalistic integrity and their actions shamed both the Fourth and Fifth Estate.

Here is the question of the hour. How can the establishment wing of the Democratic party expect to retain the enthusiasm and activism of millions of Sanders supporters by showing such blatant disregard for them? As a Bernie supporter, my answer probably won't surprise you.

In my opinion, the establishment globalists who control the Democratic Party don't give a damn about us and they certainly don't want our participation to alter their path. They want us to be quiet and orderly little subjects who follow orders.

Clearly, their premature efforts to rush Bernie and his millions of supporters off the stage prove that they want us to quietly go away so they can get back to business as usual which is presiding over the steady and certain decline of America.

Message sent and message received!