Bernie to Bill: Go Gentle into that Good Night!

Dear Bill,

As a fellow Democrat, I have found much to admire in you over the course of many years. At the same time, your behavior has at times caused me to cringe. And so now, in the twilight of your life and career, I am sorry and disturbed to see you reinforce all the worst memories of you.

You spoke last night to a half-filled junior high school gym in terms that did no credit to either yourself or your wife. You used hyperbolic language to disparage me in a series of accusations. Maybe because Hillary was off in Flint for the day, she decided to let the attack dog off his leash. Or maybe you just went running off the reservation the minute your monitors were looking the other way.

Whatever it was, you sadly tarnished what remains of your good name. You're starting to look old and embittered instead of like The Comeback Kid. I don't think your diatribe will hurt me in New Hampshire, but you might want to consider whether you shot yourself - and therefore your wife - in the foot.

For a seasoned politician, you seem strangely unacquainted with the rules of the game. Campaigns are competitive, but need not be brutal. You had a good sense of that distinction when you were running for office yourself, but you crossed the line when you went after Obama on behalf of your wife in 2008, and now you have done it again with me.

Dear Bill, do yourself and your wife a favor. Retire from politics. Be a good husband and manage your foundation and your global good works. Don't show your fangs in public any more. Let us remember you for the better angels of your nature. Please, for the sake of all of us - go gentle into that good night.

Your friend,