Best 10-Hour YouTube Videos (VIDEO)

Just when you thought your favorite video memes had retired deep into the cobwebbed-cabinets of old Internet startdom, here they are again! Only now, they're even better. It seems like only yesterday that YouTube extended its video limit time to 15 minutes for all users, but they've upped the ante by extending the limit to 10 hours for select users. Why? Who knows, but so far the internet seems to approve.

Clear your calendar and prepare yourself for some major procrastination because, not only have all the funniest YouTube videos had a major makeover, but we've collected them all here for you to rate and enjoy. You can thank us later.
So grab some coffee, you're going to need it, and get ready to be faced with life's newest unanswerable question: how does "epic sax man" somehow become infinitely better on a 10-hour loop?

The Best 10 Hour YouTube Videos