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The Best '90s Snack: A HuffPost Deathmatch

Between the Shark Bites and Bugles, this will not be an easy decision.

While the '90s did produce some questionable trends -- like Reebok High Tops and M.C. Hammer pants -- it also came up with some great concepts. The area that the '90s really excelled in was the snack department. The snacks in the '90s were serious. They were not healthy. They were not nutritious. But they were really, really good.

Between the Bugles and the Shark Bites, we don't think any decade can rival the snacks of the '90s. There were so many good ones, that it was hard to narrow them down to eight for the purposes of this deathmatch. (If we left out your favorite, let us know in the comments!) Now keep in mind that some of these snacks have sadly been discontinued -- so if you didn't have a chance to try them then, you won't get to now either (sorry!) -- but luckily others are still on the market, so happy snacking guys.

Here's how the '90s Snacks Deathmatch voting will go down:

Round One voting opens at 9:00am Eastern, July 1st.

Tuesday, July 2nd at 12:00am Eastern, Round Two begins.

Wednesday, July 3rd at 12:00am Eastern, you'll be able to vote in Round Three.

Thursday morning, July 4th, we'll announce which '90s Snack is the best.

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