The Best Advent Calendars Of 2019, Including Chocolate, Beauty And Pets

Count down the days until the holidays with these fun Advent calendars.

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Don't know what to get a beauty, chocolate or pet lover? We've got you covered with the perfect advent calendar.
Don't know what to get a beauty, chocolate or pet lover? We've got you covered with the perfect advent calendar.

While the time for season’s greetings and decking the halls still feels like it’s far away, the countdown to the holidays is starting to creep up on all of our calendars. That means it might be time to get your to-do lists ready and start planning all of your holiday happenings.

But one of the most stressful (and pricey) parts of the season, despite all your planning, can be getting all the right gifts for your loved ones.

Whether you’re trying to find the gift for someone whose birthday you forgot or picking out a present that your holiday hostess will actually appreciate, getting spot-on gifts for everyone on your list can be overwhelming. Plus, it doesn’t help if you feel like your gift is too much, or worse, too little.

That’s why Advent calendars are a great gift for those who mean so much to you. Advent calendars have little gifts in them, counting down the days until the holidays. There are all kinds of Advent calendars out there, from chocolate Advent calendars to beauty-filled Advent calendars. You just have to know where to look.

But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging, Santa. We found the best Advent calendars across six categories: beauty, candles, toys, chocolate and pets, as well as reusable calendars that you can recycle year after year.

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