12 Affordable Home Gym Must-Haves

And you can get them all at Walmart. See ya, pricey gym membership.

Before the pandemic, many of us saved our exercise efforts for our local gyms and group fitness classes. But when stay at home orders were put in place in March 2020, we were forced to figure out how to exercise at home—and as many of us quickly figured out, at-home workouts aren’t half bad.

Of course, you need the right equipment, and we don’t all want to splurge on a Peloton. Enter affordable home gym equipment, which can help you get fit without breaking the bank. Build out your home gym with these 12 low-cost finds from Walmart.

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An adjustable workout bench
If you’re working toward building up your strength, this workout bench is a must-have. You can use this bench to lift dumbbells and barbells, and the leg lockdown feature is excellent for providing stability and strengthening ab muscles.
An exercise bike
Want the Peloton experience without the hefty price tag? This exercise bike is equipped with a handful of adjustable features, and it connects with an app to help monitor performance and track progress.
A 3-piece kettlebell set
This kettlebell set includes five, 10 and 15-pound kettlebells so you can target all your major muscle groups during your workouts. It also uses an ergonomic design so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself, and includes a base rack for easy and convenient storage.
A small BOSU trainer for core strength
This BOSU trainer is on the smaller end, meaning it won’t take up too much space in your home gym—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. The strong dome material used means you can still perform all the same workouts you might do on a larger BOSU trainer, and anyone who’s ever used one of these knows how effective they are for strengthening the core.
A yoga mat
Get your sun salutations on with this supportive, non-slip PVC yoga mat that’s perfect for yoga, pilates, stretching or bodyweight exercises. Thanks to its superior grip, you don’t have to worry about slipping—even when you get really sweaty.
A massage gun for recovery
Is your home gym really complete if you don’t invest in a recovery tool or two? The Theragun massage gun is known for getting deep into those super-sore spots using percussive therapy, which will help you get right back to your workout the next day.
Multi-colored resistance bands
No, they’re not weights or kettlebells, but these colorful resistance bands will help you break a sweat, build strength and get a full body workout.
A foam roller for rolling out those tight IT bands
If you want an (admittedly less expensive) alternative to a Theragun, try this 13-inch trigger point foam roller, which many runners swear by for rolling out their tight IT bands. But foam rollers can be used for other forms of recovery, too, like rolling out knots and kinks in your back.
Ankle weights for added resistance
If you want to add a little more resistance to your workout, these ankle weights are a great pick. They come with removable sand pockets and can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 35 pounds, and are guaranteed to help take your workout to the next level. They can also double as wrist weights.
An affordable elliptical
Ellipticals are great because they give you a lot of the benefits of running without the repetitive pounding that often leads to injury. They can get expensive, too, but at just $147, this one will get your heart rate up without breaking the bank.
A jump rope
We often think of a jump rope as a “toy” for kids, but it’s actually one of the best ways for adults to get a really good cardio workout in. All that jumping is a lot of work! As a nice bonus, a jump rope won’t take up any space at all.
A thick flooring mat
If you want to protect your floors from everything from sweat to your own feet — if you’re using a jump rope, for example, all that jumping can be hard on your floors! — a thick flooring mat is key. This foam interlocking mat is made with high-quality EVA, and you can also use it as a workout mat when you don’t feel like unrolling your yoga mat.
An ab machine
There are plenty of ways to work out your abs, and some don’t require any equipment at all. But if you’re someone who wants a machine that’s entirely dedicated to strengthening your core, this folding ab machine is a great pick.
A set of free weights for toning
When you’re looking to tone your smaller muscles, free weights are a must-have. These soft-coated, neoprene dumbbells offer 1-pound versions at their lightest and 8-pound versions at their heaviest.

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