Best Affordable Wines for Summer

Best Affordable Wines for Summer
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Almost nothing is more refreshing on a summer day than a glass of cool, crisp wine. It's even better when the wine is affordable. Take a look at GAYOT's taste-tested selections below and check out the complete list of the best summertime wines that your palate and wallet will love.

Price: $20

You'll want to #roseallday with this budget-friendly Central Coast rosé created by one of California's most famous winemakers. Made with fruit from Monterey, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles, this wine smells of roses, melon and fresh berries. On the palate, expect tropical fruitiness with a touch of refreshing acidity.

Price: $20

This dry and full-bodied rosé uses grapes grown in the countryside of the Var region of Provence. The floral nose is redolent with summer fruit flavor with the right touch of acidity. For just $20, you'll want to grab more than one bottle to complement your summer seafood dishes.

Price: $16

We all love a rosé in summer, but sauvignon blanc is another great option for warm weather. And you can't go wrong with this one from North Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand. Not only is it brimming with tropical fruit flavor and a creamy mid-palate finish, but it's priced at just $16, making it a summer wine must-have.

See the complete list of the best affordable wines for summer.

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