Best Artisanal Cheese (PHOTOS)

It's a good time to be obsessed with cheese.
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Buttery, bloomy, sharp or funky--whatever your persuasion, it's a good time to be obsessed with cheese. Artisans across the country are experimenting with intense flavors, new milks and different textures, meaning that you should be putting cheese on everything! From gooey double creams to robust blues, here are 10 specialty cheeses we can't stop eating.—Julia Heffelfinger

Jasper Hill Harbison; Vermont
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When young, this cheese is wrapped in spruce bark and left to ripen to a spoonable creaminess. The luscious texture is matched perfectly by the equally luscious, lemony taste. To serve, just slice off the top of the rind, with the bark still holding the soft cheese in place—it’s literally that creamy!
Photo © Courtesy of Jasper Hill
Chaseholm Farm Moonlight Chaource; New York
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Not to be confused with its French namesake, this New York state Chaource is one of the most delicious cheeses I’ve ever had. It’s shaped like a log, with a light vegetable-ash coating and a bloomy rind. It’s a farmstead cheese, meaning that the milk used came directly from the farm where it’s made. Rich and almost double-cream creamy with a mild tang, this cheese tastes like it’s made from the best milk on earth.
Photo © Chaseholm Farm Creamery
Shy Brothers Farm Cloumage; Massachusetts
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A new chefs’ darling, we’ll be seeing this Massachusetts cheese on more and more menus in the near future as it’s so delicious and versatile. Cloumage is a fresh cheese, creamy and rich tasting, with a characteristic tang and a deeper flavor than any fresh cheese I’ve ever had. Lighter and much more interesting than sour cream, you can do almost anything with it: Eat it right out of the container on crackers or use it to enrich a sauce, as it doesn’t break. From $12;
Photo © Courtesy of Shy Brothers Farm
Maplebrook Farm Burrata and Burratini; Vermont
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A super milky, sweet burrata filled, as it always is, with finely shredded mozzarella (stracciatella) and cream. The thing that’s so great about the burratini is that it’s perfect for one serving, since slicing burrata is always a bit dicey because the center spills out. $14/8 oz.; Available at Whole Foods, Murray’s Cheese and Good Eggs Brooklyn.
Photo © Viktor Budnik
Big Picture Farm Sonnet and Haiku; Vermont
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These cave-aged, earthy tommes are the newest additions at Big Picture. The farm, known for its tangy goat milk caramels, is now making small batches of cheese with the abundance of fresh milk. While the wheels of goat cheese are aging, they are washed with Boyden Valley white wine for added flavor. Enjoy on a slab of homemade bread, or sub for other hard cheeses in gratins, pasta or gougères. $30 to $90;
Photo © Louisa Conrad
Taylor Farm Farmstead Gouda; Vermont
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The perfect breakfast cheese, this Vermont farmstead Gouda is young and mild, but very richly flavored. It also makes a killer grilled cheese sandwich and is great in mac and cheese. $8/8 oz.;
Photo © Taylor Cheese

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