The Best Snack To Eat When You're 'Hangry' At Work

Eat like a squirrel.

Perhaps hunger hits hardest in the hours after lunch and before you head home for the night, when you don't know how you'll make it through that 4 p.m. meeting without eating your own hand. According to new findings, it's easy to win this battle against "hanger" (you know, hunger and anger) by simply stashing a bag of walnuts in your desk.

These nuts are rich in protein and fiber, two nutrients that will help you make it all the way to dinner. Common vending machine snacks like chips and candy may be a momentary fix, but will have you feeling sleepy and hungry all over again in a matter of hours.

Eating walnuts might even benefit your work productivity: Research has found that munching on approximately seven nuts each day can improve your concentration and amp up the speed at which you process information. They may be preferable to almonds because they're easier on the teeth, as Time points out. What's more, walnuts are rich in polyphenols, which may play a role in cancer and diabetes prevention. They're also rich in mineral manganese, which is beneficial for PMS symptoms, and vitamin B6, a mood booster. Learn more about this powerful nut in the video above.

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