13 Bloody Beautiful Australian Foods That Americans Need To Eat

Great job, Australia.

Australians love their grains. Whether it's in a malted barley beverage (Milo), concentrated yeast extract (Vegemite) or straight up muesli bar, these snacks are not for the gluten-averse. But! They are the golden standard for snacking down under.

Here are some of Australia's most bloody beautiful (delicious) snacks that you need to bog in (eat) right away.

Sausage In Bread
Hot sausage, peppers and ketchup, all folded in a slice of white bread. The only thing better than sausage in bed is sausage in bread. Thank you, Australia!
Allen's Lollies

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These little lollies from Allen's come in every flavor from cuddly pineapples to chewy chocolate kittens. Good work, Australia!
Meat Pie
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Ground beef and a whole bunch of savory ingredients like onions and Worcestershire sauce and (yes, Vegemite) in a flaky pastry crust. Australia, we're feeling you!
Pie Floater
Take one of those meat pies and bury it in pea soup and put ketchup on top. Are you serious with that, Australia!
Tim Tams
Two malted biscuits covered in chocolate with a creme filling; like Oreos, but Tim Tammier! We like the way you think, Australia!
Roll Ups
We have fruit roll-ups too, but for some reason our commercials for them aren't as good. Betty Crocker, you better make some room for Australia's Uncle Toby!
Arnott's Shapes
One of Australia's most iconic snacks, these hexagonal crackers are called Shapes, because presumably you can make them into different shapes with your mouth. Genius move, Australia!
History says Australians needed to drink Milo, a malted barley beverage, in the 1930s depression era for sustenance, but it proved it would endure the hard times. Hot or cold, The Food Drink™ is a thing you can drink if you want to!
Any smart child of the '90s remembers when Dunkaroos were ubiquitous in the U.S., but they're sadly discontinued here. (Luckily -- perhaps intentionally? -- Oreos recently released a cinnamon bun flavor that makes for a great substitute.) But if you want the real deal though, the land of the kangaroo's still got your fix!
Uncle Toby's Muesli Bars
Uncle Toby -- the brand who makes many great things for Australian parents to give to their kids at the first sign of a hangry fit -- really gets the nostalgia going with these muesli bars.
These stunning snack packs include crackers and a dip that comes in flavors such as French Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Supreme Cheese and Tasty Cheese -- Australia, there is no such thing as non-tasty cheese!
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This traditional dessert -- a crispy, fluffy merengue cake with fresh fruit on top -- is so good that it's one of the many things Australians and New Zealanders fight over. Let them have this one, Australia!
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You know it. You love it. You hate it. You love to hate it. However you feel about it, Vegemite -- the spreadable concentrated yeast extract -- is the ultimate Australian snack. End of story.

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