The 10 American Cities With The Most Bakeries Per Capita

Pack your bags!

If there's one thing the world can never have enough of, it's bakeries. Bakeries -- whipping up fresh breads and sweet treats for the masses -- bring joy and goodness to our lives. We're willing to bet it's one of the reasons people fall in love with France so easily. And it turns out that stateside, we're pretty well stocked with bakeries too.

However, not every city is created equal. Some do it better (and by better we mean have more bakeries per capita than other cities). The folks at FindTheHome used geospatial and business data to find out where the most bakeries in America exist -- a.k.a., the best cities and towns to live in -- and have come up with the top 10 bakery capitals of America.

Here they are -- starting with number 10. Check them out then see the original map for more information.

Tigard, OR
Mitra M./Yelp
The Bonbon Bakery is a Tigard favorite -- especially because they serve things like this dark chocolate puff.
Hoboken, NJ
Carlo's Bakery
Carlo's Bakery of Cake Boss is just one of the many great bakeries found in this city of New Jersey.
Dearborn, MI
Taiyyab Z./Yelp
The Middle Eastern Yasmeen Bakery is the crowning glory in Dearborn.
Concord, NC
Keith A./Yelp
So many great places to choose from, but folks flock to Ritchie Hill Bakery for the homemade cheese straws.
Cedar Hill, TX
Great American Cookies
Two words: cookie cakes. One of the good many bakeries in Cedar Hill is the Great American Cookies where cookie cakes are still a popular choice.
Olympia, WA
SeaBitch B./Yelp
The San Francisco Street Bakery in Olympia is one of the many options making pastries worth writing home about.
Parker, CO
Maria K./Yelp
La Baguette de Normandie is a town favorite, and with pastries like these it's not hard to see why.
Franklin, TN
Merridees Breadbasket
Nashville might have the music just 21 miles away, but Franklin is home to so many bakeries. One notable choice is Merridees Breadbasket for just about everything they make.
Newport Beach, CA
SusieCakes Bakery
Worth a flight to this sunny California town for a cake from SusieCakes alone.
Altamonte Springs, FL
Bake Me A Cake
That's right. Smack, dab in the middle of Florida is home to the most bakeries per capita in all of America. Pack your bags, folks -- it's time to move. (Not convinced? Check out Bake Me a Cake, one of the town's favorite bakeries, and you'll see.)

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