The Best Gifts For Bakers, According To Professionals

From hand mixers to decorating kits to high-quality ingredients, here’s what bakers actually want for Christmas.
An Emile Henry 9-inch pie dish, OXO 11-pound scale, and Stonewall Kitchen dessert topping set

Growing up, I was surrounded by relatives who had what I like to call a “sweet thumb,” meaning they were incredibly skilled in making bakery-quality desserts that seemed to disappear within seconds during the holidays. From scrumptious pies and cookies to loaves of moist pound cake, a family gathering wasn’t complete until the desserts rolled out of the kitchen.

Even though I’m still in the process of mastering decades’ worth of pastry-making wisdom from my grandma, I’ve learned that the right baking tools and gadgets can be the difference between a “good” slice of pie and a phenomenal one. And that’s why if you have a baker in your own circle of loved ones, they’ll certainly appreciate a useful gift that caters to their delightful interest.

To help you pick out the sweetest holiday present, I reached out to bakers around the country to see what’s on their wish list this year. Check out their picks below.

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Ninja Professional XL food processor
"I love that this machine is multi-purpose. I make a lot of carrot cakes this time of year, and believe it or not I was shredding my carrots by hand until my boyfriend gifted me this for my birthday. You can even use it to mix dough (sticky buns anyone?)." — Jenneh Kaikai, owner and cake artist, Pelah Kitchen
Gir spatula
"You really can never have too many spatulas. They are useful for scraping the last bits of batter out of bowls or for mixing high-heat foods like caramel or berry compotes for cake fillings." — Kaikai
Iris Hantverk bakery brush
"This tool might might seem totally unnecessary, but it's the best way to clean up flour on a surface and it makes it fun!" — Molly Wilkinson, pastry chef and founder of MollyJWilk Pastry
A spherical shell madeleine pan
"Typically, madeleines are a longer thinner shape, but the ones in this pan are rounder, meaning an interesting shape, and more cake to eat! The pan has a great non-stick surface too, ideal for the delicate design." — Wilkinson
Ateco decorating kit
"If I hadn't already given these separately to my mom, I would buy this. Having good tools make things easier, and these do just that." — Wilkinson
The Sugar Art Diamondust edible gold shimmer
"For making everything sparkly and bright, this really is the perfect finish to take anything over the top." — Wilkinson
Sur La Table
Oxo 11-pound stainless steel scale
"Most bakers use the metric system when baking because it allows us to get the most consistent results. A kitchen scale is an exceptionally thoughtful gift to a baker because 9 times out of 10, we only have one scale and it's probably beaten up and coated in millions of layers of flour. Your baker friend will be so grateful for such a simple but impactful gift." — Britney Chamberlain, food blogger and photographer

"Kitchen scales are a game changer for baking. Your measurements are far more accurate than using measuring cups. The pull out display is on my wish list because having to crane your neck beneath a large mixing bowl can be cumbersome." — Kaikai
Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Pro nonstick corrugated half sheet pan
"Bakers aren't fussy and simple gifts really can go a long way! You can never have too many nonstick baking sheets. They're perfect for cookies, breads, pastries, sheet cakes etc. They're even perfect for savory sheet pan meals — because bakers have to eat too! This pan is my favorite." — Chamberlain
KitchenAid Pro Line 7-quart stand mixer
"If you're looking for a splurge item, a stand mixer is a baker's BFF in the kitchen. The stand mixer has SO many functions and is truly [a powerhouse]. If you really want to 'wow' your baker friend or mate, they'll be thanking you all year long!" — Chamberlain
KitchenAid cordless 7-speed hand mixer
"A budget-friendly runner-up is this cordless hand mixer. It's amazing because it allows you to move however you want without the restriction of a cord." — Chamberlain
Stonewall Kitchen dessert topping set
"I'm such a big fan of Stonewall Kitchen's products. I received this collection last year as a gift and it felt like such a perfect gift for me, as a home baker. I used these up throughout the year on everything from ice cream to brownies to cake and I cannot wait to get these again this year." — Kimberlee Ho, founder of Kick Ass Baker
Challenger Breadware
Challenger Bread Pan
"This is a big indulgence, but something I've wanted for a long time. As a home baker who loves to bake bread, I see people baking such beautiful loaves with this product. I want to bake beautiful loaves, too!" — Ho
Emile Henry 9-inch pie dish
"I would love to receive a beautiful Emile Henry ceramic pie dish in my favorite color because it's just a little more than I would normally spend on myself but a piece that could be passed on for generations!" — Tessa Arias, cookbook author and founder of Handle the Heat
Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla bean paste
"For a stocking stuffer, I'll always be thrilled to receive some high quality vanilla bean paste, such as Nielsen-Massey." — Arias
ThermoWorks classic super-fast Thermapen
"I'd also love to receive a Thermapen instant read digital thermometer to use for everything from candy-making to testing a banana bread for doneness (perfect temperature is around 200 degrees) as well as savory preparations too! It's a pricier item but makes all the difference in the kitchen." — Arias

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