'Best Bars In America' Shows You How To Get Drunk And Bowl In Someone's House (VIDEO)

Milwaukee seems like a really, really great place to drink beer straight out of the pitcher.

Every year, booze spirit-guide and cocktail historian David Wondrich partners with Esquire magazine to determine a list of the best bars in America. While 2013 was no exception, this year Esquire went the extra mile by filming two friends and comedians, Jay Larson and Sean Patton, visiting some these justifiably lauded establishments and -- well -- getting blitzed. The new show on the Esquire Network, "Best Bars in America," premiers tonight, December 5, just in time for Repeal Day.

In the above clip, Larson and Patton visit Koz's Mini Bowl in Milwaukee, which is not only one of the best bars in America, but is also a bowling alley and someone's house. As Larson and Patton point out, most bars in Milwaukee are actually in old houses, which contributes to how well taken care of you feel there. Of Koz's, Wondrich says, "You might never leave." Once you watch the guys drink PBRs out of mini pitchers and mini bowl with the best of them (kind of), you'll definitely understand why.

You can catch the full premier episode of "Best Bars in America" on the Esquire Network tonight at 9pm Est. Happy Repeal Day!

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