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Here are some tips to get you started on getting all your beach supplies ready and into your beach bags:

~ First, check to make sure your beach bag is still good. Give it a good cleaning so that it's all ready to go as soon as the weather warms up.

~ Start by going through your beach supplies from last year. If you've had your sunscreen for more than 2 summers, it's probably time to throw it away. Another way to check if your sunscreen is still good is to check the letters/numbers that are stamped onto many bottles. The last number should refer to the year that your sunscreen expires. For example, if the last number is 8, you should replace your sunscreen!

~ Check beach toys and throw away items that are broken. Make a list of what you'll need to replace. Watch for good deals on beach toys, leading up to the summer.

~ Check all of your life jackets and other safety devices to make sure that they are still in working order, if your children use them.

~ Dig out your old beach towels and add them to your newly-cleaned bag.

~ If you use an umbrella at the beach, make sure that it still opens and works properly. If not, replace.

~ Have your kids get out their swimming suits from last year to see if they still fit. You might as well try yours on least you'll know how much weight you need to lose between now and June! Start looking for new suits for anyone who needs them.

~ Check all masks, snorkels, fins, etc. These things have a way of breaking as they sit, especially if they have been used heavily in salt water.

~ Get out your cooler and give it a good cleaning so that it's ready to pack with drinks and snacks as soon as summer arrives.

~ Gather a list of all the things you need to buy and replace and head out to the store for a "get ready for summer" shopping spree. You may not be able to use your beach bags for a few months, but it will put you in a good mood to be getting ready for another summer!