RANKED: The Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Sleep (PHOTOS)

The Best (And Absolute Worst) Colors For Your Bedroom

We've all had those sleepless nights where you just can't get a little shut eye and you know exactly why -- maybe you had that mid-afternoon coffee a little too late in the day and your spouse's snoring has reached an unthinkable decibel. Or maybe the neighbors decided to throw a party that carried on long after your bedtime.

But what about when the cause of your tossing and turning is not so obvious? Well, according to an infographic created by Men's Health, a decor decision you made months (or even years) ago could be to blame. And the findings are pretty troubling for homeowners who went with those deep eggplant or radiant orchid color schemes in their masters.

Moral of the story? Go with a blue hue in the bedroom, and sleep a little easier.

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