The Best Beer Ads Of The Year, According To Cannes

Copyranter at Buzzfeed points us to this Hahn Super Dry commercial (by Publicis Mojo out of Sydney), which won a Gold Lion at Cannes on Saturday. It's pretty easy to see why. If you need your beer to be awesome, maybe you should try blasting it through speakers, having body-builders pound on it or passing it through a glass tiger. It also doesn't hurt to show your hops a few Kung Fu flicks, apparently.

We love everything about this cheeky Australian ad, including the oddly mustachioed cameo by Best Friends Forever's Luka Jones.

Another Australian beer campaign cinched the print ad award. The Melbourne outpost of Clemenger BBDO gives us these nightmarish odes to the perils of co-dependency for Carlton Mid beer. The message appears to be, "drink more beer to avoid becoming a freakish imprint of your spouse." If only it were that easy.

carlton mid one

See the rest of the award-winning Carlton Mid ads in CopyRanter's BuzzFeed post.