We Know What Your Next 5 Favorite Beers Will Be

Expand your beer horizons.

If you have a favorite beer, one you think you love above all the rest, we have five others that you might like even better. Well, we actually can't take the credit for this good work, it's the fine folks at Beer Viz who have cracked the beer code.

Beer Viz is an interactive site that asks you one simple question: what kind of beer do you like: light, medium or dark? From your answer they provide you with a beautiful circular chart of beers they're pretty sure you'll like. When you spot your favorite -- and hover your mouse over it -- a black line appears that leads you to your five new favorite beers. It's the best game of connect the dots that we've ever played.

beer chart

(Click on the image to give it a whirl.)

Some beers don't connect you to any other beers because, clearly, you've already found the best beer for you. Others will only give one or two suggestions. (This probably just means you're not beer friendly.) But most times when you find your favorite beer, this colorful chart will suggest five great new options.

While this beautiful chart does not actually claim to find you a new favorite beer, we feel certain only good things can come when you try new things -- especially beer things.

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