Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is upon us, and the deals are coming in hot. From laptops to game consoles to adorable little robot vacuum cleaners, the team at TechBargains has scoured the web for the very best Black Friday Deals. Dive in, and you're bound to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family.

This is the Black Friday TV to get: it’s a 2016 Samsung at the lowest price we’ve seen AND it includes a huge $175 Dell Gift Card you can put towards a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, electronics or computers at Dell. This has the premium features of a sharp 4k display, an immersive and sleek curve and it’s quality name brand. Act fast as Dell has been selling out of these deals fast.

This Fire Tablet was already a bargain at $50, but with an extra 35% discount, it's a must-have gift. Frankly, we aren't sure how Amazon is making money off this tablet because it's currently cheaper than a digital photo frame, a flip phone, or even a digital watch. This is definitely a guilt-free impulse purchase.

When it comes to no-brainer Black Friday deals, this one is at the top of the list. The previous version of the Fire TV Stick was one of the best streaming sticks available, and this newest generation is even more powerful.

Use code: LT199. If you are hunting for a cheap laptop deal than this is one of the best deals you can get but act fast as it is a doorbuster deal. It includes the newest Windows 10, has a DVD drive for storage and this model has PCMag’s Editor’s choice for its bang for the buck quality and performance.

These new Kindles make fantastic gifts, and this is the lowest price we've seen all year. If you're buying someone their very first eReader, the Kindle or the Paperwhite are good choices. But if you're buying for an avid reader, the design features of the Voyager is worth the bigger price tag – it's simply divine.

On its surface, the Amazon Echo might just seem like a fancy boombox, but it's so much more. Underneath, it has Amazon's highly-rated Alexa digital assistant powering it. You can ask Alexa to check the weather, hail an Uber, dim the lights (if you have home automation) or even tell you how many tablespoons are in a cup. And since it's designed with real homes in mind, you can speak normally, and Alexa will hear you across the room.

The Echo Dot has most of the functionality of an Echo at a fraction of the price — you're just losing the large speaker from the more expensive model. Hook it up to your existing speaker system, and you can jam out thoroughly. Even better, this affordable little puck lets you access Alexa on the cheap. You can affordably buy many of these to place around your house.

Instant Pot makes the best reviewed electric pressure cookers on Amazon (far better than those infomercials you see). We bought one last Black Friday and boy does it make some tasty stews and soups in a short period of time. This is easily one of our favorite kitchen gadgets because its produces great food quickly and without much effort.

These make activity trackers make great gifts, help you track your calories burned and steps, track your sleep quality, gamify the process of living an active lifestyle, and are the best prices we've seen all year.

This is one of the best Black Friday TV deals we’ve seen. With that included $100 gift card from Dell (which you can use towards a PS4 Pro, computer, electronics and more) you effectively only pay about $250 for a popular name brand TV with very good reviews. If cheap and big is your criteria then this is the deal you want.

Keep an eye on your house without the hassle or expense of a security system installation. Nest made it easy to set-up and monitor your home without a hitch, so you can keep an eye on your sleeping baby or rambunctious dog. And even if you plan on traveling, you can still check in to make sure everything is copacetic in your home.

You can't beat a vacuum that does the work for you! Schedule the Roomba to vacuum up to seven times a week, and you'll always come home to a clean floor. We haven't seen a better price than this all year, so don't hesitate.

This is one gadget that can actually save you money over the course of a year. The Nest thermostat knows when you're home, will learn your daily patterns, and adjusts your room temperatures accordingly. Check with your local utility company as they may offer an additional cash rebate making this even cheaper.

For a $25 electric toothbrush this gives you a ton of features including a pressure sensor that tells you if you are brushing too hard. This is easily the lowest price we’ve seen for a toothbrush with this handy feature.

Attention food nerds: this is the lowest price we've seen on the sous vide cooker in 2-years we've been covering it. If you wanted perfectly cooked steaks, chicken, fish, pork and even vegetables than this is the device for you. You will never overcook food with this and you can pump our restaurant style quality cookery with this gadget.

Don't get stranded when your car battery dies. This little jump starter can easily be a life saver when you need it. You can even keep your tires topped off with the built-in air compressor AND it has a USB port to keep your devices topped off in an event of an emergency.

The Inspiron 15 received PCMag's Editors' Choice for its standout feature set and the price-performance ratio. At $350, this is a superb price for a touchscreen laptop, and the additional RAM will make multitasking a breeze. Camp out on the Dell’s Black Friday page, and be sure to act fast. We anticipate that this config will sell out quickly.

This LG OLED TV has one of the best rated displays on the market, and the price is right if you're dying for a high-end 4K TV. Add in the bonus Blu-ray player and gift card this is currently the best of web deal on one of the best TVs you can buy.

As of now, this is the best (and only) Microsoft Office deal we've seen for Black Friday. Office rarely goes on sale, and Dell is knocking it out of the park with a discount and a bonus gift card. Don't let this deal pass you by! (Gift card shows in cart).

At 50% off, this is the lowest price we've seen on these high-end computer speakers from Bose. They have the quality and raw power you'd expect from professional sound monitors, but they benefit from a sleek design that fits well with any decor.

Dell is the only vendor we've seen that offers any form of discount on DropBox Pro. You'll get 40% off your first year, and a bonus $25 Dell Gift Card to boot (gift card shows in cart). If you've been looking for an online storage solution, don't miss out on this amazing sale.

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