Best Black Friday TV Deals

While you can get killer TV deals on Black Friday, you ultimately get what you pay for with doorbuster TVs. Some of these TVs are made specifically just for Black Friday, and may compromise on quality to get a low price. We recommend going mid-tier or high-end on your TVs as you'll still get some of the lowest prices available this time of year. Here are a few top Black Friday-priced TVs that won't leave you regretting your purchase.

These LG Signature TVs with OLED lighting produce some of the best picture quality we've ever seen -- any cinema buffs out there will absolutely love the inky blacks and incredible detail these sets are capable of outputting. This deal matches the lowest price anywhere and includes a bonus Blu-ray player thrown in.

This is one of Samsung's high-end SUHD TVs with a true 120Hz panel. The industrial design here screams "premium," and the picture quality will not disappoint. With vivid colors and stark black levels, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck with today's deal.

You can also get the 55” for a Black Friday low price of $999 or the large 65” for $1500.

If big, cheap and good is the name of the game this it the deal to get. A year or two ago a 60” HDTV would could you close to $800-$1000. This get pretty good reviews and for the price you aren’t getting cheated out of a namebrand.

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