Best Books Of 2013?: Our Picks For The Year's Biggest Reads

Most Wanted Books Of 2013

What are the best books of 2013? We've stepped out of our time machine (hint: talk to that person next to you on the airplane, don't try the veal) to bring you the must-read titles from the year ahead.

It's shaping up to be a fascinating 12 months, with the sequel to The Shining, a new David Sedaris, a self-published book poised to become a global success, a new James Salter, a new Suzanne Collins, a new Karen Russell... and so much more.

Read on, read often, and support your local bookstore and library. Trust us: in the year ahead, they'll really appreciate the support.

Here's our list of the best books so far listed to appear in 2013:

Searching for Zion

Best Books of 2013?

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