7 Books to Savor After the End of Time

Fingers crossed, we should all still be around after the Mayan Calendar fades to black on Dec. 21. Still, it wouldn't hurt to have a few good books nearby -- you know, just in case. So, whether you're nesting this week, preparing for the worst or happily venturing forth to create a stellar 2013 in your heart and mind, take note of the books listed here.

Several of the reads -- Dizzy and Making Mavericks -- are recent releases. Both authors (Arthur Wooten and Frosty Hesson) manage to tug on the heartstrings in their own unique ways. Meanwhile, the other books on the list were either released earlier in 2012 -- and deserve another look -- or will be released next year.

And ... what's the hot book to look out for in 2013? Read on ...

Booked Till The End of Time