'Best Butt' Discount: Customer Finds Bizarre Deductions On Fast Food Receipt (PHOTO)

Apparently, receipts aren't just for keeping track of tax and tip anymore.

Reddit user caraficionado24 said a friend was surprised to look down at her receipt from a burger joint and find "Best Butt" and "Best Looking" itemized along with her veggie bowl -- add fried pickles -- and soft drink. The "compliments" even netted the unsuspecting customer a $0.02 discount.


Of course, it's worth mentioning that this receipt is unverified and could well be the product of a jokester with Photoshop skills. However, a commenter on Consumerist notes that he or she worked at the same burger chain and explained the cash register system did allow "fun discounts" to be added.

This isn't the first time a cashier has taken "creative license" with his or her point-of-sale system.

In January, a New York City Papa Johns customer got more than she ordered, when her receipt came back with "lady chinky eyes," a racial slur, input in the customer name field. Consumerist also reported a case of receipt shenanigans after posting a picture of a Sonic slip offering a "Free Harry Hines Hooker" with purchase of a Sonic burger.

Gawker recently put together an Internet round up of the weirdest comments ever to find their ways onto fast food orders. The results are both hilarious and somewhat disturbing.


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