Best Buy And Google Glass Getting Together?


Best Buy didn't deny that it plans to sell Google's much-anticipated computerized eyewear, Google Glass, after a famed tech blogger reported a rumored partnership earlier this week.

But the big-box store also didn't confirm the scuttlebutt.

"At this point, we do not have plans to announce more collaborations," Jon Sandler, a spokesman for Best Buy, said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "However, as our CEO Hubert Joly said during earnings this week, if a partnership makes sense for our customers, the vendor and Best Buy, we would be open to considering expansion."

In a post on his Google+ account, Google Glass evangelist Robert Scoble wrote that he heard a rumor about Best Buy stores selling Google Glass products in 2014. Best Buy is considering devoting up to 6,000 square feet per store to display Google products, including Google Glass, he wrote.

"This makes sense, since you really need to try Glass before buying it to see if it's for you and you also need to have it fitted to your face," said Scoble. "And, if you are like me and need prescription lenses you'll need all that taken care of too before you can order yours."

Chris Dale, a spokesman for Google, said in response to Scoble's report that Google Glass is "not coming to Best Buy in 2014," but did not rule out the possibility in a broader timeframe.

Google Glass is voice-controlled, Internet-connected eyewear that allows users wear to take pictures, check email and perform a variety of other functions.

Best Buy has unveiled two partnerships in the consumer tech industry already this year. Samsung's shops-within-a-shop rolled out in Best Buy locations in April, followed by Microsoft shops that launched earlier in August. The retailer also has an existing partnership with Apple.

In a conference call with analysts Tuesday, Joly said the feedback from customers about the new stores has been good thus far.

"[Customers] appreciate the opportunity to navigate the store and look at these different ecosystems," he said on the call. "So a lot of positive feedback for Samsung, and the same is true for the Windows stores."

During the company's previous quarterly call in May, Joly promised that "there will be more" partnerships in Best Buy's future. Three months later, Best Buy's Microsoft shops were announced.

“The more traffic attracted to our stores, the better this is for everybody,” the CEO said.

This post has been updated with comment from Google.

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