This May Be The Best Carry-On Suitcase Idea We've EVER Seen

You can ride it!

When it comes to carry-on bags, expert travelers know the average duffel simply will not do. With airlines periodically cracking down on carry-on requirements and passengers shaming others for exceeding the bag size limit, it's crucial to maximize every inch of suitcase space (because c'mon, we cannot travel without the Napwrap).

And man, have we found our carry-on suitcase ideal.

The crowd-funded Jurni is a multi-component piece of brilliance designed with shelving, door storage and a removable to-go pod for valuables. (Oh, and you can sit on it/ride it.) A look inside reveals the suitcase's "cabinet mode," which makes it essentially a locker on wheels:

The Jurni is marketed "for young travelers," but we think it could work for just about anyone. The pop-off top compartment was designed to store stuff like iPads, phones and wallets. You can remove it when you put your suitcase in an overhead bin, bringing the essentials down to your plane seat with you (or to a coffeeshop, for that matter):

The best part of the Jurni suitcase? YOU CAN RIDE IT. Take that, security line.

You can order the Jurni suitcase on Indiegogo for $99, yet quantities of the initial batch are limited. The first Jurnis will ship in February 2016.

We'll keep lugging our carry-ons around until then.

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