30 Of The Best Celebrity Quarantine Outfits We Saw In 2020

The good, the great and the cozy, from Dolly Parton to Mariah Carey and her many silk robes.

The whole “places to go, people to see” mentality was largely inapplicable to 2020. When the world shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, so did the red carpets, movie premieres and other various events that showcase our favorite celebs.

They, like us, turned inward. We all spent a lot of this year on social media, finding connection where we could and cozy clothes in which to do it.

We’ve all gone through different cycles since March: ultimate comfort, some semblance of normalcy, perhaps a bit of makeup, repeat.

With that in mind, there have been some celebrity at-home looks that stuck out over the past few months. Sweats, sequins and sweaters (and, in one case, sanitizer) made up some of our favorite looks of the year.

Below, 30 of our favorite celebrity quarantine outfits from 2020.

Lizzo’s sparkly crop top

Kate Hudson’s minidress

Selena Gomez’s sweats

Precious Lee’s sequins

Taylor Swift’s floral sweater

Chrissy Teigen and Luna’s matching looks

Lena Dunham’s hot pink suiting

Kamala Harris’ victory suit

Dolly Parton’s recording studio leggings

Kulture Kiari Cephus’ neon number

Tracee Ellis Ross’ bathtub sparkle

Kerry Washington’s adorable athleisure

Every single one of Mariah Carey’s silk robes

Jennifer Aniston’s comfy voting look

Beanie Feldstein’s Blair Waldorf headband

Oprah’s VOTE sweater

All of Emma Roberts’ maternity wear

Ashley Graham’s killer sweatsuit

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Freddie Prinze PJs

All of Busy Philipps’ many busy looks

Sarah Jessica Parker’s massive sweater dress

Mindy Kaling’s matching dyed sweats

Katy Perry’s hygienic moment

Naomi Campbell’s feathers

Kaley Cuoco’s birthday sweats

Martha Stewart’s adorable overalls

Timothée Chalamet’s entire GQ spread

Lisa Kudrow’s... look

Blake Lively’s fake shoes

Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner’s hat

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