11 Top-Rated Charities That Changed The World In 2014

Not all nonprofits are created equal -- just ask Charity Navigator.

The watchdog group tracks charities nationwide to help donors have a better understanding of the organizations they choose to support. Taking into consideration factors like a group's sources of revenue and its spending practices, Charity Navigator has ranked the top-performing and worst-performing charities of 2014 across a variety of genres of social causes.

Here are 11 of Charity Navigator's top-rated organizations:

Best In: Youth Development


Place of Hope is a faith-based and state-licensed child welfare group that provides a variety of services to kids and families in need, including maternity care, safety for victims of sex trafficking and transitional housing. Visit the organization's website, or find them on Facebook here.

Best In: Patient & Family Support

happy teenagers

Camp John Marc provides year-round camping programs for children, teens and families. Programs and camp facilities are
living with chronic medical and physical challenges.
Learn more here.

Best In: Food Banks, Relief

food pantry

Created in 2003 -- when the Kieser family began providing food
on their farm -- the Midwest Food Bank now serves over 755 organizations across the Midwest and South and in East Africa. Its food reaches 550,000 people each month.
Learn more here.
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