Best Of Chatroulette (PICTURES): The Most Creative Uses Of Chatroulette EVER

It's a gamble logging on to Chatroulette--the chatting service connects users via webcam to random strangers across the globe--but you can bank on seeing one thing over and over: nudity. In fact, some estimates peg the site's user base as being "13% perverts."

But there are also creative gems to unearth, like Merton the Piano Guy who sings impromptu serenades, or the Speed Painter who draws color portraits in minutes. There are elaborate costumes and wacky masks. Karaoke and cats.

In short, there's more to Chatroulette than, as Jon Stewart puts it, a bunch of "free-floating dongs." View our slideshow of the most creative people Chatroulette has to offer, then check out the craziest, most outrageous screenshots from Chatroulette.

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Most Creative People On Chatroulette

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