Best Chicago Beers, And Where To Try Them During Craft Beer Week

Chicago's third annual Craft Beer Week kicked off Thursday, and more than 200 venues across Chicago will be showcasing brews from Chicago's biggest names in the biz down to the smallest hand-crafted operations.

The event runs through May 27 and includes tasting deals and larger events, closing with a launch party for Revolution Brewing's new brew house in Avondale.

Chicago's got a heartier craft brew culture than many other cities, so it's likely you've already got a few go-to's that are off the beaten Budweiser path. But since hundreds of varieties from dozens of breweries will be showcased across the city in the next week, we thought it'd be helpful to gather some recommendations for when that beer list looks overwhelming.

We took to Facebook and Twitter and asked our readers for tips on their favorite local beers. Check them out below, along with Chicago Craft Beer Week events where you can find our reader favorites.

Did we miss your favorite locally-made craft brew? Let us know in the comments.

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Best Chicago Beers