Fall's Best Children's Books According To Children

We get a lot of children's books in the mail. This is great, but we're a few decades away from the target demographic.

Wouldn't children's book reviews be so much better if they were written by, well, children?

And so we turned to the Associate Books Editor, Zoë, who has three younger sisters: Isabel (7), Olivia (6) and Sofia (4). Who better to give expert opinions on this fall's hottest children's books?

This season contains some unusual treats, including a new book from "Where The Wild Things Are" author Maurice Sendak and a posthumously published volume of poems by Shel Silverstein. Pulitzer-prizewinner Michael Chabon also took a shot at his first children's book.

Which ones will keep the little one's entertained, and which are little more than replacement roofs for dolls houses?

Here's what the girls (as well as their mother) had to say: