The Best Chili Crisps, According To Spice Enthusiasts

From Fly By Jing to Momofuku, these are the chili crisps and oils that spice lovers swear by.
Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp and Fly By Jing Sichuan chili crisp

If you love spicy foods, chances are you have really strong opinions about your favorite chili crisp. And if you have no idea what chili crisp is or you don’t have a lifetime supply in your cupboard already, then this article was essentially made for you.

This spicy condiment is an infused oil that typically contains a crunchy mix of fried chili flakes, garlic and shallots. Its distinct, powerful flavor profile makes it a great addition to literally anything, including scrambled eggs, toast, ramen and even ice cream.

Chili crisp, also known as chili crunch or chili oil, is not a new condiment; it originated in Chinese culture. The most famous and widely found brand of spicy chili crisp is from the Chinese brand Lao Gan Ma, which you’ve likely seen in restaurants or in the kitchen of your best friend who loves to coat their tastebuds in intense, fiery flavors. It was established by Tao Huabi in 1997, and since then, several other food brands (even Trader Joe’s) have come out with their own takes.

But since taste is unique to everyone, it only makes sense that some people tout their favorite chili crisp as the best and above the rest. We scrounged every corner of the internet to find the most passionate chili crisp reviews from people who know and love spice, including one reviewer who said if they were stranded on an island and could only have one thing, they would bring a jar of Zindrew crunchy garlic chili oil. Check out our findings below.

Fly By Jing Sichuan chili crisp
Fly By Jing's all-natural Sichuan chili crisp is made in Chengdu, China and was founded in 2018 by Jing Gao. The brand offers a variety of pantry goods inspired by Gao's hometown of Chengdu.With the bold, intense flavors and crispy textures of Erjingtiao chiles, Tribute peppers and Sichuan caiziyou, this tasty crisp goes perfectly with everything and is a cult favorite.

Enthusiastic review: "I don't know what it is about this chili oil, but I absolutely love it. I will eat it by the spoonful, right out of the jar, and I find stuff to eat so I can put this on it." — Mimi M.

Another enthusiastic review: "Buy this. It has become my everything sauce, and I did not think I would be able to move on from Sriracha until a friend let me try theirs, and I became hooked. It has a different taste and tingly sensation than other hot sauces, but instead of masking a flavor with hotness it seems to amplify the flavor of whatever I’m eating from eggs to pizza. It is so good." — Brad Williams
Zindrew crunchy garlic chili oil
For a milder chili crisp, Zindrew's O.G. Batch is the way to go. The Los Angeles-based chili oil brand was founded by husband and wife duo Andrew and Zin Lee. The O.G. Batch is umami-rich and contains a savory blend of garlic and crunchy chili spices to add a satisfying texture to your next meal.

Enthusiastic review: "Let me start by saying I have eaten so many different kinds of chili oil (can't even count) and this is by far the best. As the title states, if I was stranded on a deserted island and could only take one food, it would be this. You could eat anything with it. Sand, palm leaves, palm bark, pieces of shipwreck washed ashore, volleyballs, you name it. Buy this stuff. You won't be disappointed." — JesusIsKing
Momofuku chili crunch
In addition to its numerous eponymous restaurants, David Chang's Momofuku brand is known for its vast array of pantry goods, chili crisps and noodles. This cult-favorite chili crunch is full of spicy flavors and crisp textures and packs heat into any dish you put it on. It contains three types of Mexican chiles, crunchy garlic and shallots.

Enthusiastic review: "Fantastic on EVERYTHING!! I can’t get enough of this & stock up on it just in case it goes out of stock. The flavors are amazing, addictive and open up your mouth to a whole new world. When you see you’re getting to the end of the jar you panic if you don’t have another one in your pantry. I debated on whether it should be in the fridge, but I follow the instructions. Put it literally on everything and bring new life to the most boring of items. You will NOT be disappointed with this purchase, just by not having enough on hand. Love!" — RRex
Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp
Lao Gan Ma was established in Guizhou, China in 1997 by Tao Huabi. Full of fried chilies, peanuts, onions and soybean oil, the brand's popular spicy chili crisp makes a great dressing for noodles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, scrambled eggs, ice cream, rice, chicken and more.

Enthusiastic review:
"I believe this is so versatile it can even go on ice cream! I have tried it with just about everything (on scrambled eggs, as a spread for sandwiches, stirred in Soba, as the 'sauce' for spaghetti and shrimp - just to name a few uses), and this is delicious with all of it and more! I know what I am giving everyone for Christmas this year!" — Cat

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