The Best Chocolate Chips For Baking Cookies (PHOTOS)

What would chocolate chip cookies be without chocolate chips? If it wasn't for Ruth Wakefield, who in 1937 chopped up a Nestle chocolate bar to make her special Toll House cookies, Nestle never would have gotten the idea to produce the chips, which launched in 1941. Since then, chocolate chips have become essential for chocolate chip cookies and many other recipes like brownies and cakes.

But chocolate chips have transformed over time. Not only do chips come in semisweet, they're also available in bittersweet, white and many flavorings like peanut butter, butterscotch and more. There are even different shapes and sizes, such chunks and minis. Or if you choose the gourmet route, you can find chocolate in different disc shapes, which are typically used by chocolate makers. See all the different chocolates you could use in chocolate chip cookies in the slideshow below -- you can even combine two or more of each to get a very unique cookie. Vote in the slideshow for your favorite.

Choosing The Right Chocolate Chips