Christmas Cookies, Ranked In Order From Worst To Best

Spritz cookies might as well be obliterated from the face of the earth.

We're grateful for any gift we receive -- especially when it's edible. Come the holidays, that happens more and more and it is grand (because it almost always means COOKIES).

While most Christmas cookies are 100 percent awesome, they aren't all created equal. Some are better than others. And actually some, some are just downright bad. We ranked them in order from best to worst because, well, someone had to. If you're planning on doing any holiday baking, this list may be a helpful guide as to which cookies you should bake and which you need to steer clear of -- especially if you're planning on sending any those cookies our way.

Below, a completely superficial and subjective ranking of Christmas cookies, in order from worst to best. Chime in and let us know how you feel.

Spritz Cookies
Flickr: Nikchick
These cookies try so hard to be everything that Christmas cookies should be, and their desperate attempt is palatable. Desperation never tastes good. Never.
Stained Glass Cookies
New Media Publishing
Looks can only take you so far. And these cookies are all looks and no substance. Bleugh.
Flickr: murz
There's a time and a place for biscotti. Christmas is not it.
Sugar Cookies
Flickr: timlewisnm
There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sugar cookie. We love them every day of the year. And that's exactly the point -- you can eat them every other day of the year SO WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME WHEN THERE ARE OTHER CHRISTMAS COOKIES TO BE EATEN.
Peanut Butter Blossoms
My Baking Addiction
Okay, yes, peanut butter blossoms are one badass cookie. But in the world of Christmas cookies there is some steep competition.
Gingerbread Cookies
Flickr: deborah
Tasty, but kind of creepy.
Flickr: Akane86
Flickr: Jennifer Dehant
Speculoos are what gingerbread cookies wish they could be. Plus, these cookies gave us COOKIE BUTTER.
Snickerdoodles are good every day of the year, but around the holidays their cinnamon coating really shines.
Walnut Crescents
New Media Publishing
No one understands the greatness that is the walnut crescent. They're buttery, crumbly and full of flavor -- and the fact that people over look them means there's more for us.
Molasses Cookies
Flirkc: Renee S. Suen
Chewy, a little crunchy, and perfectly spiced.
Thumbprint Cookies
Jam plus cookie is a winning combination.
Flickr: Melanger :: to mix
The Germans know what they're doing when it comes to Christmas cookies. These are spiced, buttery and covered in sugar. Win, win, win.
Flickr: whitneyinchicago
They're one of the few Christmas cookies that are chocolate. BONUS POINTS.
Linzer Cookies
Flickr: cleverocity
Like the thumbprint, but BEAUTIFUL.
Shortbread Cookies
Today's Nest
Shortbread cookies win for best Christmas cookie because they're basically just a vehicle for getting loads of butter into your mouth. We are forever grateful to this cookie for making that happen. Plus, they come in so many flavors. Make some.

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