The 12 European Christmas Markets We Love To Love Every Year

The 12 European Christmas Markets We Love To Love Every Year

Every year our little faces light up when we start seeing Christmas markets pop up across Europe. We just love them, we really do.

There are the regular haunts we know and love (see below), such as 440-year-old market in Strasbourg, France or the famous markets of Frankfurt and Nuremberg, Germany. But there are other markets that are perhaps less famous though no less wonderful.

Thanks to data gathered by our friends at, here's a list of some markets sprinkled around Europe that you should make a point of seeing no matter what.

Bolzano, Italy: Located in the South Tyrol region, this market is frequented by Europeans looking for a little holiday spirit. Head here for the hiking, stay for the food.
bolzano italy christmas

Colmar, France: This enchanting town is the capital of Alsatian wine. As such, the market features lots of local wine and food.
colmar france christmas

Trento, Italy: The northern Italian town has a distinct Renaissance feel all year round.
trento italy christmas

Innsbruck, Austria: Famous for its mountains, this classic winter destination also happens to offer a stellar market.
innsbruck austria christmas

Strasbourg, France: Like we said, this place has got history galore.
christmas markets

Tallinn, Estonia: Could you get any more Christmas-y?!
tallinn estonia christmas

Bratislava, Slovakia: The Old Town is home to this market, which features nightly live events.
bratislava christmas

Salzburg, Austria: Sure, there are castles, but there's also one hell of a market.
salzburg christmas market

Wroclaw, Poland: It may be lesser-known, but it's still awesome.
wroclaw poland christmas

Bruges, Belgium: As if we needed another reason to love Bruges.
bruges christmas

Vienna, Austria: Go here for home decorations and sweets.
christmas markets

Merano, Italy: People love the spas, but their market is also top notch.
merano italy christmas

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