The 10 Cities You'll Be Talking About In 2015

The 10 Cities You'll Be Talking About In 2015

Lonely Planet is on a roll. The travel company released their Best in Travel lists this week, including the countries you need to be visiting (hint: Singapore) and the budget destinations to hit up next year.

Also on the list, of course, are the 10 cities you should be visiting in 2015. You're likely familiar with quite a few of them, like Washington, D.C., Toronto and Milan, but the same might not be true for others.

Three cases in point: El Chalten, Argentina, aka the trekking capital of Argentina, Valletta, the charming capital of Malta and up-and-coming Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Here are the 10 cities you should schlep to next year.

1. Washington, D.C.
Richard Nowitz/Getty
The National Museum of African American History and Culture opens in 2015, at which time it will be America's only national museum devoted to African-American culture.
2. El Chalten, Argentina
There are glaciers, lake and waterfalls galore around here, which make it a great place for adventure. Plus, 2015 marks the spot's 30th birthday.
3. Milan, Italy
Piero M. Bianchi/Getty
Yes, Milan is Milan, but the fashion capital will also play host to Expo 2015 from May through October.
4. Zermatt, Switzerland
Jorg Greuel via Getty Images
It's a famous mountain resort town and it will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Edward Whymper's ascent of the Matterhorn.
5. Valletta, Malta
Nicholas Pitt/Getty
The stunningly underrated Maltese capital will celebrate the big 4-5-0 since the Great Siege back in 1565.
6. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Maya Karkalicheva/Getty
The Bulgarian city has a beautifully-kept Old Town, killer nightlife and enough quirkiness and history to make it worth your while. In short, 2015 will show that Plovdiv is under-the-radar no longer.
7. Salisbury, UK
Andreas Jones/Getty
The city, not far from Stonehenge, is home to the best-preserved original copy of the Magna Carta, which is marking its 800th birthday in 2015. Expect festivals and revelry galore.
8. Vienna, Austria
Harvey Meston via Getty Images
You're undoubtedly familiar with the famed Austrian city. But 2015 marks a LOT of birthdays for the European capital, including the 150th birthday of the Ringstrasse.
9. Chennai, India
Ashok Sinha via Getty Images
The long-overlooked metropolis will be home to India's first integrated mass transit system come 2015.
10. Toronto, Canada
Tony Shi Photography/Getty
Roughly 250,000 visitors will descend on the city for the Pan American Games in 2015.
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